Randy Haralson
706-318-8867          Designated Pilot Examiner
FAR Part 61 FAQ (This faq is no longer updated by FAA and does not reflect the latest changes to Part 61. It remains, however, a valuable resource for instructors and examiners.)

FAR Part 61.65 Legal Interpretation (Deals with logging of PIC flight time during instrument training)

FAA Legal Interpretations (A searchable database of FAA legal interpretations from the General Counsel's office. Great resource!!)

The following checklists were written by me to help the instructor prepare the applicants logbook for the flight test.

Private Pilot Checklist
Instrument Pilot Checklist

Instrument Approach Checklist This excellent checklist was written by Joe Varier. It was designed for a Bonanza, but can be easily adapted for use in any airplane.